Welcome to Summit Physical Therapy!

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Welcome to Summit Physical Therapy! 

Thoracic Extension Exercise: 

This video demonstrates a thoracic extension exercise using the foam roller that is used to gain upper back mobility. 

Latissimus Dorsi Exercise: 

This video demonstrates an exercise used to increase mobility of your shoulder. 

Soft Tissue Technique-Posterior Cuff:

This video demonstrates a soft tissue technique used to improve shoulder internal rotation and can be used to reduce pain to the shoulder as well. 

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment:

This video demonstrates a technique called IASTM or scraping that will increase blood flow and soft tissue mobility. Each treatment last roughly around 3 to 5 minutes. 

Meghan Edwards 13WMAZ Interview

Meghan has been a patient of ours for a year now. She was interviewed by our local 13WMAZ news station about the surgery that has changed her life. During her interview, Meghan spoke about how her faith in God is one of the biggest reasons she never gave up. She is such a light and joy to be around and constantly strives to achieve new things, even if they seem impossible at first. 

Working with Meghan over this past year has been an incredible experience, and we are so grateful for her.